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私の創作の共通テーマである‘魂の叫び’ は、地球の中のマグマのようなものです。その叫びは、人間が、自然を敬い、地球上での平等のパートナーとして振舞うことを求めるものです。


Welcome to the website, Hisae Taki Gallery!

I express the deepest emotions and wordless cry of my soul through my paintings, silver jewelry creations and ceramic works.

In recent years, I chose trees to paint and express my emotions, which I call 'tree of heart'. They come in different forms and postures with numerous eyes between the branches. The common concept in all my creations is 'my soul's outcry'.

I find the state of it to be similar to how magma is boiling deep underground. The outcry calls for humans respect the nature and act as an equal partner of our planet.

If you came across with my works through this website and felt inspired by my soul's outcry, I feel hugely grateful.